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MEMS Optical has recently completed a 12 million dollar expansion of it's facility to better offer a complete line of foundry services. These services are shown below and, along with our engineering expertise, set us apart as a top quality service provider. Our Clean Room facilities have the following capabilities:


  • Contact and Projection lithography
  • Front to back alignment capability
  • Automated photoresist spinning cluster (2-sided)
  • 1um minimum feature size
  • Wafer sizes: 2"-6", 0.2mm to 6mm thickness


  • Silicon fusion bonding, 4" wafers

Plasma Etching

  • RIE, ICP and DRIE plasmas
  • Silicon, fused silica, quartz, GaP, Ge, ZnSe
  • Wafer sizes: 2"-6"

Wet Etching

  • KOH for silicon
  • All standard wet etches and cleans


  • Backgrinding for silicon 4-6" wafers
  • CMP for silicon 4" wafers

Thin Films

  • Thermal oxide, 2-6" wafers
  • LPCVD Si3N4, SiGe, Ge, polysilicon
  • Evaporated and sputtered metals


  • Non-contact film thickness measurement
  • AFM
  • Profilometers
  • Monochromatic and white light interferometers
  • Optical microscopes

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