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MEMS Optical is uniquely positioned to provide a complete and integrated solution for the design, assembly, and testing needs of bulk-optics, microoptics, mechanical packaging, and micro-electro- mechanical-systems (MEMS). Our assembly process is carried out in a class 1000 clean room. Our services are delivered as an integrated one-stop-shop process, which adds value and allows our customers to focus on their core competencies and business objectives.

MEMS Optical offers the following design and assembly services, which can be tailored to fit your project's needs:

  • Concept development and consulting on new optics and MEMS solutions
  • Design, analysis and optimization of microoptics, opto-mechanical and MEMS assemblies
  • Precision optical assembly and alignment of microoptical and opto-mechanical system
  • Optical design incorporating diffractive and traditional optics assembled into an end solution

MEMS Optical has significant experience in the design and assembly of optical elements, microoptical systems and MEMS devices. We have software and modeling tools to do the following:

  • Photo mask layout
  • Geometrical optics ray tracing for design and analysis
  • Grating analysis for diffraction efficiency calculations
  • Wave optics code for beam propagation
  • Finite element modeling and analysis
  • MEMS design and analysis
  • CAD packages for mechanical design and assembly
Below are some examples of typical projects of integrated opto-mechanical design, assembly and testing services performed by MEMS Optical for small form factor, high performance, cost effective optical solutions:
  • Microlenses to optical fiber arrays
  • Microlenses to focal plane arrays
  • Microlenses to pinhole arrays
  • Polarizers to focal plane arrays
  • Bulk & micro lenses into housings
  • Fiber arrays assemblies aligned to a telescope
  • Beam steering assembly using microlenses
  • Near-IR spectrometer
  • Lasers diodes (VCSELS) to Microlenses
  • Wafer level assemblies
  • Die level assemblies (active and passive alignment)
  • Read optical head for DVDs and CDs
  • Laser diode corrector assembly
  • MEMS comb-drive actuator
  • MEMS electrostatic piston actuator
  • MEMS two-axis tilt mirrors for optical switching
  • Rotational optical alignment for punching plastic replications
  • Different types of Packaging (including die and wire bonding)

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