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Packaged single element tilt mirror (8-pin DIP)
Amplified view of tilt mirror element surface

Moving Mirrors for Tunable Lasers
The scanning two axis tilt mirror is an important technology that can be used in many industries. Two axis scanning allows these mirrors to have a full 360° of rotation at up to a 3° tilt angle. There are several major benefits of the MEMS Optical tilt mirror over competing products.


  • The tilt angle is analog as opposed to on-off. In other words, if a tilt angle of 1.79° is required, it is simply a matter of applying the correct voltage and that angle (or any other angle) can be obtained.
  • There are no holes in the mirror surface. Most competing products have holes in the mirror surface as a result of processing requirements. Due to the advanced processing technology used, MEMS Optical tilt mirrors have no holes in the mirror surface, allowing for full reflection of all impinging light.
  • Low voltages are required for actuation. Many competing products require 200 volts or more for actuation. A total of less than 120 volts is required for the full 3° of tilt and less voltage is required for less tilt. Clearly, these mirrors have set a new standard in the industry.


  • Mirror Size: 520µm across
  • Reflective area: 510µm across
  • Shape: Octagonal
  • Surface Roughness: < 8 Å rms
  • Surface reflectivity: >95% at 630nm (gold)
  • Bias voltage: 35 - 55 Volts
  • Drive voltage: 0 - 110 Volts
  • Maximum tilt angle: +/- 3° mechanical
  • Resonant rotation frequency: outer axis 1.3 kHz, inner axis 1.8 kHz.
  • Operating Temperature: 0 -50° C
  • Radius of Curvature: >.4 meters within operating temperature
  • Array Pitch:  1.5mm(custom spacing available)


  • Switching mechanism for photonic switches
  • Retinal scanning system

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