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Fine Pitch Gratings
MEMS Optical Fine Pitch GratingsMEMS Optical also has unique equipment capable of making extremely fine pitch gratings on a wafers scale at low cost and with quick turnaround times. The image indicates a grating with a depth of 395 nm and a width of 294 nm. These gratings allow for light to be very efficiently diffracted at grazing incident angles. Useful when dense wavebands need to be separated or when large diffraction angles need to be generated, this capability opens up a range of other applications.

For example, by making the pitch smaller than the wavelength, form bi-refringence can be achieved and pixilated polarization imagers can be created as well as wafer scale retarders. Yet another application is the creation of moth's eye" type anti-reflection surface structures eliminating the need for antireflective coatings.


  • Wire grid and pixilated wire grid polarizers
  • Polarization imagers
  • Retarders
  • Pixilated polarization imagers
  • DWDM
  • Anti-reflection surfaces without the need for AR coatings


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