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MEMS Optical DiffusersDiffusers are a type of diffractive optic that can take a laser beam and redistribute the light into virtually any pattern desired.

Traditionally, diffusers have been made using binary technology which resulted in a bright central zero order hot spot", significant haze, and relatively low efficiencies. Now, by applying MEMS Optical's patented gray scale production process, diffusers can be made with minimal zero order hot spots (often less than 1%) and efficiencies as high as 95%.

We can design and fabricate simple symmetrical shapes such as circles, squares, and crosshairs or we can make more complex shapes such as company logos. We can even take a person's picture, digitize it, and make a diffuser to project the picture.

Advantages of diffusers are that they are not sensitive to alignment and do not affect the polarization of the input beam. They can be made out of fused silica, silicon, plastic, or other materials covering wavelengths from 193nm to 20um. Both stock and custom designs are available.



  • Lithography equipment
  • Company logos
  • Targeting systems
  • Machine vision applications
  • Beam homogenization


Top: Company logo diffuser

Center: A diffractive optic structure
as viewed under a microscope

Bottom: Picture diffuser


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