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MEMS Optical, Inc. Announces the Completion of a Major Expansion

HUNTSVILLE, AL - November 5, 2001 - MEMS Optical, Inc. announces the completion of a major expansion of its Huntsville facility. The increased demand for their micro optics and MEMS devices requires a manufacturing capacity three times larger than the original one. To further improve their productivity and quality, MEMS Optical has invested 4 million dollars in capital equipment since June of 2001. The pent up demand for their micro lens arrays, diffracting and refracting micro-optical components prompted a large investment in this new facility and state of the art manufacturing equipment. These products are widely used in fiber optics communication and produced under MEMS Optical's proprietary gray scale manufacturing technology. The advancements are largely due to the financial support of Vanguard Ventures and Summit Accelerator Funds which jointly invested 18 million dollars.

Recently, as demonstrated at the Opticon 2001 trade show in San Jose, MEMS Optical's expertise in micro mirror technology has broken new ground. These analog devices, used in most types of optical switches and other beam steering and scanning applications, demonstrate excellent beam steering accuracy, stability, and overall reliability. MEMS Optical announced that standard micro mirror arrays, single and dual axis, will be added to their catalog in 2001 to be shipped from stock to the optical switch manufacturers. Custom products are being developed under joint programs with MEMS Optical Customers. Further announcements will be made at the upcoming Optical Fiber Communications and Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics trade shows.

Made from a wide range of materials, MEMS stock and custom products include diffractive optics, micro-lenses and lens arrays, fiber coupling lenses, beam splitters, beam shapers, refractive optics, diffusers/homogenizers, and patterned light and logos. These technologies are vital to the telecommunication, medical, optical data storage, and optical equipment industries. The general public has been affected by these advancements through improved telecommunications and innovations in health care. For more information call (256) 859-1886 or send an email to info@memsoptical.com.

About MEMS Optical, Inc.

MEMS Optical, founded in 1997, has pioneered and perfected the application of a unique technology for mass fabrication of miniature complex curved surfaces using semiconductor manufacturing techniques. With this technology, and its proprietary microelectromechanical capability, the company produces a wide range of optical and opto-mechanical components for such diverse markets as optical switches, optical storage and playback, and photolithography steppers. MEMS Optical, Inc. has a broad portfolio of issued and pending patents. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, the company's investors include Summit Accelerator Fund, Vanguard Ventures, DynaFund Ventures, Teledyne Investments and high net worth individuals.

For more information, please visit the company's web site at www.memsoptical.com.

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